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a fic challange

Posted by madwitch58 on 31.01.2012 at 10:15
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i have a fic challenge for the list, ok write a story about our boys adventurers in America. who they meet, what they do. do they go back to being thieves or do they get honest work. Do they stay on the cost or do they head out west. do they join the Revolution or get the hell out of there before the shooting starts.

Hello my freaky darlings

Posted by madwitch58 on 20.12.2011 at 07:59
any body here?

Fanart (slash)

Posted by viragom on 06.12.2010 at 19:02

Hey, new to this community (well not really, but I've been a lurker for years so... you get it) and I bring fanart!
Yeah, it's slashy but not overly so (PG-13 maybe?)

Sorry I never got the hang of cuts so hopefully linking is ok :/


Yeah, I know this comm is dead, but that's all!

Crowley BB writer

Fic: That Adventure Lark (Is not all it's cracked up to be) [PG]

Posted by mckay_ocd on 01.11.2009 at 19:39
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Story Title: That Adventure Lark (Is not all it's cracked up to be)
Author's Name: mckay_ocd
Rating: PG (Some swearing)
Warnings: Tag to the movie so spoilers if you haven't seen it.
Summary: Takes place at the end of the movie, Plunkett isn't sure running is a great idea.
Disclaimer: I do not own Plunkett or Macleane. Really wish I could steal Plunkett though :)

(Plunkett was no soft touch.)

EP by iconzicons


Posted by noctuabunda on 31.03.2009 at 00:13
So, I guess this comm is dead, but if anyone's still around, here's some fic for you.

Title: 5 Times Plunkett kept a secret from MacLeane
Fandom: Plunkett & MacLeane
Genre: pre-slash, maybe.
Author: noctuabunda.
Beta: none, sadly.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: 849.
Spoilers: Through the whole movie.
Summary: Plunkett isn't always completely honest with Macleane.
Disclaimer: Neither the boys nor the original story are mine; I'm not making or intending to make any profit from this.

Five Times Plunkett kept a secret from Macleane...Collapse )

Another year

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 03.01.2007 at 14:57
It has been ages since i visited livejournal. I wish you guys a happy new year and best of luck for 2007. Hopefully someday this group will be revivied once again.

pm swing every way


Posted by freakspawn on 05.06.2006 at 11:42
I've added some links to actor communities in the userinfo.

If anyone has any websites/other communities they think we should link to, please let me know!

pm swing every way
Posted by freakspawn on 11.04.2006 at 11:55
I was watching P&M again at the weekend, and I had never noticed the song that James is singing in the cell at the very beginning, is one of the songs off the soundtrack!


pm swing every way


Posted by freakspawn on 23.02.2006 at 13:58
in case anyone hasn't seen and is interested, the official fanlisting is here!

Also does anyone know where I can find screencaps/pictures from at all?

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 27.01.2006 at 15:20
I added something in the flirk account, go check it out kiddies.

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 24.01.2006 at 19:49
I drew something >< yay. Damn am I bad at caricature (I cant do Plunkett right). This is meant for parody, so dont take it seriously, it takes place after Macleane was resuced by his friends. Please read down the row from left to right.
Poor Lady Rebecca just wants to help :[Collapse )

beck w/ popsicle
Posted by indierat on 24.01.2006 at 01:08
Hey folks :)

I've set up a www.flickr.com account for us to upload images to and use as a database for icon contests and the like. I set up just a general account, and we can add groups or whatever if we want to later.

Just to protect ourselves and all, I'm posting the log in info in a friends only entry. If you want it, you'll have to join the comm. :)

charmed black magic woman


Posted by freakspawn on 21.01.2006 at 12:46
Does anyone here know where I could get the soundtrack for P&M, is it available anywhere online?

charmed black magic woman

Wow....just wow!

Posted by freakspawn on 20.01.2006 at 15:00
padabee posted some awesome icons over at the liv_love community.

take a look at the lovelies!!

beck w/ popsicle
Posted by indierat on 17.11.2005 at 03:05
Okay, I've let this community slack BIG time...but I have good news. I just got a new laptop that reads DVDs, so I can finally go through the movie and do screen caps. Sooo...anyone know of free webspace where I could possibly host said screencaps? Once I have them up, I'll probably start making icons, etc :)

I was also doing some research recently on the Tyburn gallows, and found out that the procession where they take Macleane to the gallows is actually *very* accurate to the actual proceedings of executions from the 16th through 18th centuries. I can post the links if anyone else in interested, I find it throughly fascinating :)

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 08.10.2005 at 14:53
Oh crap, this group is dead X_X.

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 30.06.2005 at 21:56
Current Mood: artistic

Ahem.. (shameless art promotion)  I was bored and I started to draw something with pencil that I havnt done ins such a long time... behold Plunkett & Macleane. (actually I didnt finish drawing Macleane, he's very messed up right now) 



To get a head start

Posted by pdonyin_0 on 28.06.2005 at 15:51
Who's your favorite gentlemen out of the two? For me I perfer Plunkett, I tend to like older actors for some reason. It must be that gun of his, or that crafty knive.
And as Lord Rochester says: "Jamie, I swing every way."

charmed black magic woman

Pics and a query

Posted by freakspawn on 28.06.2005 at 16:18
some images from the netCollapse )

Question: I presume from the title of this journal that Plunkett and Macleane was renamed Guns 1748 in the US? Or am I being silly :)

beck w/ popsicle
Posted by indierat on 17.06.2005 at 06:43
Welcome folks :) Read the rules, and keep checking back for cooler stuff :)